Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplinary creative, entertainment and technology development firm, based out of the States with footprints in the media and entertainment sector.

Our points of expertise lie in Branding and media solutions, Mobility development, Web development, Creative graphic designing, motion graphics, VFX, Event managements, Movie promotions and muchmore related to media.

We work as a team, to get best creative results. Our team consists of dedicated and highly talented, skilled creative artists and technology experts who provide world class solutions. Our artists are well experienced in the tools used n designing, and platforms to work with. They are well updated with the latest trends and styles in designing, technology and development.

Our prices are apt for our work and we never charge overheads. Our work is not just expanded to high-end profiles and brands, we accept any work that is challenging enough and requires creativity at its best.

Our designers and developers work both in collaboration and even individually when needed to, with awide range of companies and across all sectors that involve creativity. We also work for non-profit organisations and small start-up companies s we think that moral support helps us lead our lives with more peace, that no success can give.